Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

Why Getting a Tummy Tuck Makes Sense

Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills

A tummy tuck Beverly Hills or abdominoplasty is a common form of cosmetic surgery that removes loose fat and skin from the abdomen area and also tightens abdominal muscles. The end result is a flat and well-toned abdomen. Besides from helping new moms restore their bodies after pregnancy, this procedure is also recommended to aid in weight loss programs. While many abdominoplasty procedures are mostly for cosmetic purposes, there are many health benefits of undergoing this surgery as explained below.

Reducing stress urinary incontinence – Following a normal vaginal birth, it is common for some women to develop a bladder control issue known as stress urinary incontinence. Women who suffer SUI usually experience uncontrollable leakage after sneezing, laughing or coughing. While SUI is usually treated without the need for surgery, for women who are adversely affected the tummy tuck Beverly Hills can help enhance recovery.

Better posture and enhanced abdominal tone – After multiple pregnancies or extreme loss of weight, stomach muscles are bound to become distended, such that exercise and diet only will not help. An abdominoplasty surgically tightens the weak stomach muscles and removes excess fat and skin, thus flattening the abdomen. As a result, patients notice a significant improvement in posture thanks to tighter muscles that now support the spine, which can have additional benefits of alleviating back pain.

Tummy Tuck Beverley Hills

Correction of ventral hernia – Ventral hernia is a health disorder that occurs when abdominal or intestinal tissue breaks the wall of the abdomen and creates a sack or pocket. Some of the potential causes of this problem include abdominal weakness due to surgeries or weight loss. Regardless of the reason, having weak abdominal walls allow the formation of a hernia. Getting a tummy tuck Beverly Hills will help to strengthen the abdominal all and also avoid future occurrences. The procedure is a practical and safe option as it will reduce recovery time and medical expenses.

Final thoughts on abdominoplasty/tummy tuck

Due to the increasing popularity of tummy tuck Beverly Hills procedures, many people think that it is a very simple procedure. However, it is very crucial for potential patients to understand that the procedure is actually a major surgery that can take anywhere between one and five hours. That said, a standard abdominoplasty will remove about 10 pounds of fat. Recovery can last for a couple weeks, and similar to any other surgical procedure, there are some risks of getting infections or any other complications.

Ultimately, the various cosmetic and medical benefits of an abdominoplasty make this procedure quite attractive for most people. Interested patients ought to consult their doctor first in detail before settling on undergoing surgery.