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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a cash payment or vouchers?

The deadline to file a claim has passed.


When were checks and vouchers mailed?

Checks and vouchers were mailed to eligible Class Members on September 5, 2014.


How do I object to the proposed Settlement?

The deadline to object to the Settlement has passed. 


I never received my check or I lost it, can I have one reissued?

Yes. There will be a one-time reissuance of checks on November 29, 2014.

To request a check reissue, please notify the Claims Administrator via U.S. Mail no later than November 7, 2014, at: Popchips Settlement, P.O. Box 3076, Faribault, MN, 55021-2676, or send an email to

There will be no reissuance of vouchers.



This website is supervised by counsel and the Court and is controlled by Rust Consulting, the Settlement Administration firm that handles all aspects of notice and claim processing. This is the only authorized website for this Settlement. Please do not rely on other sites that set out different and unauthorized information. If you have any questions, please contact the Settlement Administrator.

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